The benefits of a successful website are enormous not only to market your business but to save on operational costs and increased profits.

You owe it to yourself, your business and your customers to get started now as more business is being done successfully online every day.

Lets face it the internet is here to stay.  Many industries and businesses will have to change their business model or go out of business….

Today’s buyers are much more savvy and are looking to save money as living costs rise.

The internet increases business as well as price competition but by being unique, becoming the authority and providing additional benefits you in every aspect.

Customers understand that online they are offered a greater range of products and services from a wider range of suppliers. In many cases they will buy cheaper, if not from you, someone else since market and lowest price research is only a couple of clicks away.

By Marketing your Business with a website you will

  • increase your market exposure and gain more sales
  • not be limited to your local market but worldwide if you wish
  • reduce your overheads such as reduced staff but at an increased business level, may be no need for an expensive shop front
  • have the ability to be more price competitive with lower overheads
  • have the ability to retain more profit

It becomes a win win situation for your customers and you

Let me explain a little about the real use and growth of the internet

  • Internet world stats report in March 2000 there were 304 million internet users, 5% of the worlds population and this year in December 2020 there are 4.9 billion users near 63% of the world population. An increase of 1300%
  • A decade ago, Google predicted the entire world will be online by 2020 That prediction was made a decade ago, but there are sadly many businesses still in 2020 not leveraging the full digital potential.
  • Mobile phones and devices increased the use of search on the internet and will continue to do so.
  • Current mobile internet use if fast heading to 60% of total internet use.

The 6 best steps to market your business with a website

1. You need a website

To present you, your business whether it be home based, local, shop front or multi national.

To build your brand, become the authority that people trust

To avoid fighting the market solely on price you need to be unique and develop points of difference. Your competitive edge

Your website needs to be of quality to be found in search more easily and to be representative of you/your business.

2. Website design and operation.

There are more than 50 steps to make a website a success online.

Using the best up to date SEO and SEM practices is only the beginning.

Working with Google Algorithms, regular blogs (even daily) of quality content will lift your ranking so you are more easily found in search.

Link building using SEM practices will provide your website with greater exposure.

3.  Who will take care of your SEO

For the best results for success online use a professional who is on top of  the latest developments in search engine optimization.

A cheap price provided by some hack, black-hat tactic or loophole will do your business more harm than good with an inferior website. So don’t waste your money if you are looking for long-term continuity! You can check out our awesome SEO Packages, we will take care of all the SEO aspects of your website.

4. Content is King

Real quality content that informs, educates and entertains is a must for your visitors.

Optimize every article, post and page you produce as it is the foundation to your overall website and its ranking. We also offer content writing services by native English speakers.

5.  Build your brand to gain the authority that is trusted

Provide quality content in answer to keyword searches that visitors make.

You have gained brand recognition and authority when search engines refer to you as the authority to be trusted.

To know the most asked questions on the web for a specific keyword or niche, you can try searching that keyword on Quora and see what people ask about.

6.  Spread the word to market your business

A blog attached to your website is a must to get visitors to your site. But it needs to be articles of quality content and value using SEO and SEM practices. These are best done several times a month.

Summarising the 6 Steps to Market your Business

The internet is here to stay.  Many industries and businesses will go out of business if they do not change their business model !

The benefits of a successful website are enormous not only to market your business but to save on operational costs and increased profits.

To Market your business with a website is relatively easy and at a low cost if you know where to go

Your website deserves more visitors! Unlock its potential with our award winning SEO packages. Check out our SEO Packages and take your website to a whole new level today.


Joe Fares

Founder of UltraSEOSolutions and a Digital Marketing Consultant, a great advocate of educating beginners on the competency of SEO, and helping small businesses dominate their niche. Joe is known for public speaking on SEO and online entrepreneurship, and has been awarded by Payoneer in 2017/2018, for being the most successful entrepreneur in the MENA region.

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