What is a Website? And what Purpose does it Serve?

It is to capture peoples eyeballs and provide information to all people exploring the internet in answer to their search queries, or fulfill their needs in search for services or products. In 2021, a business without a running website is a big loss in 100’s of potential benefits, along with lack of exposure to the wider world.

The internet is the modern version of an encyclopedia providing electronic data that can be kept updated with the very latest information. From its humble beginnings in 1990 to today it is the medium that people use to source information even from their mobile phone.

The internet is a very inexpensive way to call people to action by providing quality content to the world wire web with 1.82 billion websites currently viewing some 5.6 billion searches per day on Google the world’s largest search engine (78% +/- of all searches).

What is a Website…

A website provides information to people via the World Wide Web (www) by electronic medium in pages of content.

Web pages are the building blocks that are interlinked to form a website providing information to the viewer who searches the internet for information in answer to their questions. Those pages that contain the most valuable relevant quality content will be visited more often.

1.  Types of Websites

Websites can have many functions to provide information or actions in various forms from individuals, commercial, non profit or government organisations.

There are two main types of websites

1.1 Static Website

This type of  website is static providing consistent information over a period of time not unlike a printed brochure in pages of content generally in text or image format about your products or services.

Over time a static website attracts fewer visitors and is not favored by Google. Google loves content, content is king!

1.2. Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is an active website that constantly changes with

  • regular blog posts
  • additional products or services
  • having subscribers
  • commenting
  • social media interaction
  • or it can be interactive such as a booking service or buying online.

Dynamic websites gain far more visitors than static websites, due to Google favoring it.

2.  Variety of Websites

These are some of the most popular

  • Affiliate
  • Blogs
  • Business
  • Celebrity
  • Community
  • Content
  • Dating
  • E-commerce
  • Forum
  • Government
  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Health and fitness
  • Information
  • Media
  • News
  • Personnel
  • Religious
  • School
  • Social networks
  • Webmail
  • and there are many more here

3.  What is the purpose of a Website?

Being specific what is the purpose and goal of your business website.

You need to formulate your website objectives and goals on paper and review the direction and results from time to time.

You need to answer these questions and inform visitors to your website with answers.

1. Why are my products and services superior, and what makes them different or unique from what my competition has to offer?

2. What can people do with your product and services? Does it solve a problem? Does it have a demand?

3. What makes me unique? *Ask yourself this question a couple of times.

4. What are your competitive advantages and what sets you apart from the competition. Customers are smart, and they do multiple searches before making an informed buying decision.

5. What are your unique selling points – the factors that differentiates you, your brand, products or services to stand out from the crowd and make your business special

6. Long term build your brand to become the authority that people can trust. Try to encourage people to review your website, business or server in order to build up your trustworthiness.

4.  Make your purpose and goal clear to your audience

Focus most on what people see when they land on your website. You literally have only seconds to capture peoples attention with a headline or image.

The below types of landing mostly form a dynamic website that has more activity receiving far more visitors.

4.1 Landing page options

Try to include these points onto your landing page:

  • Use a great headline that leaves the reader inquiring and hungry for more
  • It is also important that the first two or three paragraphs be punchy and to the point of your article
  • An image is worth a thousand words and may be use a slider of additional images to keep people on site longer

1. If your Blog is the landing page

The one thing about regular blog posts is that they provide an ongoing parade of new content.

By formulating the perfect headline there is a chance you will get the visitor to read the first sentence. If your visitor reads the first sentence they may read the second, scan the rest of the article and visit your website. Good Luck!

2. Specials or a Sale is your landing page

With the continualy change in sales and specials people become returning visitors to your website to see what is new.

3. An Event you are promoting landing page

This type of page continually changes as events come and go creating activity.

4. If your Homepage is your landing page

Have a tagline that captures attention and summarises your business.

Look to incorporate one or more regular activity to encourage people to revisit.

4.2 You want the reader to take action!

The whole purpose of a website is to Call People into Action! in contacting you one way or another and make a sale.

5.  Maintain proper search engine optimization (SEO) on your whole website.

This maximizes the potential of keywords to rank on Google, which will lead to tons of conversions and traffic. Check out our SEO Packages.

6.  Make use of search engine marketing (SEM)

SEM provides additional linkages to your website and its articles to market your website and brand

Your website deserves more visitors! Unlock its potential with our award winning SEO packages. Check out our SEO Packages and take your website to a whole new level today.


Joe Fares

Founder of UltraSEOSolutions and a Digital Marketing Consultant, a great advocate of educating beginners on the competency of SEO, and helping small businesses dominate their niche. Joe is known for public speaking on SEO and online entrepreneurship, and has been awarded by Payoneer in 2017/2018, for being the most successful entrepreneur in the MENA region.

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