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17 Blogging Tips to Gain and Keep Visitor’s Attention

17 Actions to create a blog to gain and keep visitor’s attention takes time, practice, excellence, long term persistence and intellectual cunning to become a success online.

Many of the best bloggers do not just sit and write a post in rapid time and hit “publish”.  They spend time creating their blog starting with research, drafting and leaving it sit for 24 hours.

More often than not successful bloggers amend and enhance their blog post to become a valuable article of quality content in answer to visitor search.

Is it better to produce quality content versus quantity?  I go for quality every time. Because if you are not creating a blog for quality you are wasting your time.

Said some awesome blogger

Here’s my 17 best Actions to create a blog…

To gain and keep visitor’s attention you must have real valuable content that is engineered and created in a way to keep people’s attention.

It is best to use WordPress coupled with mobile responsive themes and all platforms should be of clean code for fast loading times.

A blog post is not just verbage but needs to provide answers to people’s questions and for your website to be found in search, you must use the very best and latest SEO and SEM practices.

1. Standout eye catching title.

Keep it short, simple with keywords as far left as possible using some strong words and numeric numbers does help.

2. What are the keywords visitors are searching.

You can use FREE tools such as UberSuggest and even using Google “search” to see where the volume is by analyzing the suggested .

3  Create a blog with an opening punch.

Follow up on your eye catching title by creating convincing and persuasive quality content of value

4.  Use images on your page one.

An image near the top of your blog is eye candy to the visitor to keep them interested in your post.

5.  Have a video to show up before the fold.

Videos will dramatically increase the value of your website gaining more visitors increasing your ranking and sales.

6.  Use powerful action words to create a blog post.

Examples – how to, best, real, success online,  free, new, you, let me explain, here’s why, download, take, join, etc.

7  Use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

LSI are like word or synonyms used by search engines that are considered as secondary keywords in your post.

8.  Text eye candy.

Do not confront your visitor with a wall of text – it is a turn off!  Work on 2-4 line paragraphs and make text interesting so visitors can scan

  • Paragraphs of maximum 3 to 4 lines
  • Bold
  • Vary text including italics
  • Bullets and numbers
  • Underlines
  • Quotes

9.  More Image eye candy.

Break up your blog with additional 2 to 4 images as they add to the quality and depth of your blog.

HubSpot inbound Marketing state

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

Create a blog using “eye candy”

10.  Categories and Tags in your WordPress website

  • Categories are main headings, table of content
  • Tags are your sub headings, index

They aid the visitor to navigate your website for all items with a specific search

11.  Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are used in computing to provide links to what should be subjects of relevance to the blog about which you are creating.

Hyperlinks should be used to enhance your post.

12.  Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action is an image or text that prompts the visitor to take action such as join, download, subscribe, sign up etc.  You want your visitor to take action

Generally in the final area of your post

13.  Check posts on-page SEO

If you are on WordPress, yo can use ” SEO by Yoast”

14.  Check posts SEM

SEM is all about the marketing of your blog through the many marketing mediums such as social media profiles, social bookmarking, local trade websites, article submission sites, subscriber listing, videos, email campaigns and the like.

15.  Email marketing

Conduct Email campaign to your subscribers and customers

16.  Optimize data

WordPress plug “WP Rocket”, “WP Fastest Cache” and “W3 Total Cache” currently are the most powerful ways to optimize your data and clear out your cache.  Remember to ONLY have one caching plugin active at a time.

17.  Commenting

Commenting builds relationship and visits to your website is an important part of building a community, that further enhances SEM.

The above are 17 actions to create a blog to gain and keep visitors on site.

There are other tricks in the trade but if you were to achieve excellence in these 17 actions you would go a long way to providing a blog of valuable quality content. Remember “Content is King”… and we can help you with all your content needs.

By incorporating the best and latest SEO and SEM practices your website will “stand out from the crowd” and will show up in a “search” more often

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Joe Fares

Founder of UltraSEOSolutions and a Digital Marketing Consultant, a great advocate of educating beginners on the competency of SEO, and helping small businesses dominate their niche. Joe is known for public speaking on SEO and online entrepreneurship, and has been awarded by Payoneer in 2017/2018, for being the most successful entrepreneur in the MENA region.

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