Payment for SEO Service in Bitcoin

To proceed with your order, proceed with your bitcoin payment to the following address:


BTC ADDRESS: 0x04fBCD79f6C1aEafbCd47C2c4adCE2e2A4e8aaf2

Once you process the payment, fill in your order details on the following page: SUBMIT ORDER DETAILS

To calculate your package price in BTC: Divide the Package Price by the BTC price and multiply by 0.70 to get the total payment after 30% discount.

 So let’s say the package you want to buy is worth $180 and the current BTC price is $20,000.. Therefore $180 divided by $20,000 multiplied by 0.70 = 0.0063 BTC
If you have any questions, or if you are not sure how to calculate the payment in BTC, do not hesitate to contact us.