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How to Increase Sales Online by Marketing your Small Business

Here is how to increase sales online for marketing your small business and not cost a packet of dollars. 95% of all businesses have an online presence and so should you.

But realise that 90% of all business websites are of poor to very poor quality and will  never be found. Many websites are not properly optimized to deliver the best mobile phone experience.

For a small business who wishes to increase sales with online marketing a professional website designer is needed to set you up so your website is one of the best top 10%, along with a reliable SEO service to get you top rankings!

1.  Why people use the Internet…

1. People no longer use encyclopaedias for answers.

2. Few people source information from the newspaper, TV or radio – they use social media or search the net.

3. Fewer people use computers to gain information from the internet – they now use smart phones and mobile devices.

4. How visitors to the internet enquire about informaton is they use keywords or keyword phrases.

5. The websites using search engine optimization (SEO) are the ones that will be found in a search more often.

6. Only a professional web designer who understands and uses the best and latest SEO can successfully have your website in the top 5% of all internet websites.

Businesses with the best websites will be found more often online and that will

  • increase marketing presence
  • generate more sales
  • provide lower costs

2.  Marketing your small business online.

Marketing provides exposure opportunities that that will assist you in selling more products and services and expanding into larger markets and regions.

3.  Business marketing to mobile phones has changed forever.

Business marketing to mobiles is enhanced with a mobile responsive website having images, videos and valuable quality content that is easly scanned.

Why has business marketing changed forever – Mobiles!

The rapid development of mobile technology has changed our lives forever. Mobiles are decimating the traditional media industries when it comes to people searching for information.

4.  Add a blog to increase traffic and increase sales online

Adding a blog of valuable quality content will increase website traffic making it an online marketing success.

Inactive websites that do not blog have fewer visitors becoming boring like the majority of net websites.

Websites are like life – be active and grow or be passive and perish. Check out our blog content writing service.

5.  Online advertising | paid versus organic

Before you jump into online advertising you need to exhaust the free forms of search engine marketing especially in business directories and social media.

There are plenty of fast talking sales people attached to search engines who wish to spend your hard earned dollars in this multi billion dollars industry.

Be careful and remain vigilant if you are paying for online advertising or SEO

  • Stay in control
  • Monitor your results and close your account if you are not completely happy
  • Remember no one can guarantee website ranking – if they do they are liars. 

6.  Good marketing ideas for small business.

To be really successful your business must lead the way whether off or online constantly maintaining your competitive advantage.

Small business can quickly enter and leave a market to stay ahead of the crowd of big businesses who are slow to move direction.  Generally small businesses are the biggest innovators of new products and services, but lack budgets or knowledge on marketing and SEO to spread the word out.

7.  Here are my 12 tips to be found online.

1. Increase ranking with SEO using the best and latest SEO practices.

2.  Keywords and keyword phrases are the drivers of the internet.

3.  Valuable quality content is what attracts visitors

4.  Visuals are eye candy to the brain and will keep visitors on site longer.

5.  Titles to capture web surfers attention

6.  Adapt to search engine algorithms

7.  Build your brand to become the authority that people trust

8. Search engine marketing is vital.

9. It is important to have a fast loading website with a loading time preferably below 4 seconds. (Check your website loading time here)

10.  Mobiles are now mini computers and are at least 75% of all search so your website design must be for computers and smartphones

11.  Website structure should be clean and uncluttered

12.  Do not forget to add “Call to Action” buttons


Joe Fares

Founder of UltraSEOSolutions and a Digital Marketing Consultant, a great advocate of educating beginners on the competency of SEO, and helping small businesses dominate their niche. Joe is known for public speaking on SEO and online entrepreneurship, and has been awarded by Payoneer in 2017/2018, for being the most successful entrepreneur in the MENA region.

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