We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.
WOW! Just got my completion report and I am very impressed. Super quick turn around and overdelivered (50+ extra links). I will be a customer for a long time...in fact, I'll be signing up for one of your monthly services. I can't even being to explain the amount of time you saved me!
Adam Waxler
Founder - UKeepcommission.com
I received my report this morning, downloaded it, and spot-checked it. I can't believe it. I honestly thought it was too good to be true! EXCELLENT way to get do follow, anchor text backlinks. I'll be placing more orders in the future. I'm also going to look into the white label Reseller service.
Melanie D
CEO & Founder - NicheChick.com
Whoo Hoo!!! Received my completion report yesterday!! Joe provided way more links than I purchased. I am confident that these will more than make up for the ones that either get lost in moderation or don't stick. Fantastic service... very highly recommended!! Joe, I'm going to watch the serps for a while and try to develop a plan/strategy for leveraging your service. I have quite a few under performing sites out there... and this might be just what the doctor ordered!
Chris Grable
Internet Marketer
Two thumbs up for an excellent backlink service provider! Truly good value for the money. Ordered an SEO package. Joe overdelivered and delivered an excel report and all was done in a very timely manner. Will do business with him again.
Bradley Davids
Affiliate Marketer
I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a large amount of links, especially across a wide range of sites/pages. Very few services are offering the flexibility that UltraSEOSolutions offers and of course the important part is the results don't lie. Every time I've used his service regardless of what I sent links to within 2 weeks they were in the green and moving up based on my Market Samurai Feedback.
Internet Marketer
First things first, I am targetting highly competitive keywords, so I’m in a kill-or-be-killed market, keeping up with SEO every single minute is a must. But it earns diamonds so to speak. My rankings were always the third and fourth page, and getting to the second page seemed almost impossible. But he did it, in less than a month, BAM! A small investment added a new digit to my income that month!
Internet Marketer
My site has already jumped 5 spots on the SERPS and i only ordered this 2 days ago! i can't wait to see the further results from using your service! I just ordered two more packages and will be ordering a lot more in the future! Stop thinking and just do this! its a no brainer.
James J
Young Entrepreneur
A month has passed since the completion of my platinum seo package and 25 x pr3 guest post orders. 285% increase in traffic Before: 134 unique views/day After: 380 unique views/day With some simple math, these are awesome results and it shows that I will make back my paid SEO money in less than 2 weeks. When talking about Return on Investment, this is a total WINNER
Alejandro L
Web Entrepreneur
My partner Rashon referred you to me, after you resurrected one of his sites from the dead. I had a similar thing happen to me... so I put up a niche site that was hit by Google a couple of months ago! 2 days after I got the completion report for my SEO Package it ranked back on #5 on Google. 4 days after that, it's at NUMBER ONE on page one and has stuck their for 3 days now. This KW has a CPC of over $1, has 6,600 exact local and global searches per month. I can't thank you enough and will soon be putting in a big order for all of my sites.
Ethan F
Full Time IMer
Always achieved awesome results with you guys. After testing nearly all your services, I will gladly endorse you in my next "Backlinks Hydra Report"
Terry Kyle
CEO & Founder - TrafficPlanet.com
I have to say that this was the best money I have ever spent on a service. I ordered a small SEO Package when I received my report, there were tons of bonus links. I had not done any SEO for this site before and I am already receiving traffic from Google and Yahoo for both the terms I was promoting. Joe is super responsive and very helpful. I am signing up for a monthly package today.
Gabriel Glenn
Web Entrepreneur
Wow totally impressed with how fast you got my order done. I checked to see some of the links from the report that you sent me; I am very pleased with the quality. I have also seen some ranking boosts already for the target keywords. Expect another order from me...
Susan Velez
IM Expert - imwithsusanvelez.com
FABULOUS!! I am so pleased with the work Joe did. I ordered a link building and got some extra ones just in case some get deleted. I am so pleased and highly recommend his service and I will be purchasing more in a month... Even though it was two or three emails we exchanged Jo seems really a nice guy. Watch out Joe I may start stalking you LOL On my way now to dominating the serps
Sherry D
Expat Mompreneur
Apart from the very affordable and high quality service UltraSEOSolutions.com offered, I'm also very impressed with their Customer Support. Strongly recommended for people who want link diversity!
Winson Yeung
Web Entrepreneur - Askwinson.com
I have been using UltraSEOSolutions' service for my sites for the past three months. Joe always managed to deliver the report on time, the price he charge is great, the links created are very natural and more over I have seen some very good ranking for my all sites and have received tons of traffics directly from the search engines. I am one big happy customer and I will continue to use his service for a very long time. I highly recommend Joe's service to everyone. Thanks again Joe and his team.
Full Time IMer
I just wanted to drop a quick line and say that the service I have so far gotten from Joe has been excellent. Based on the tests I have done so far these links absolutely work and they have given me some incredible ranking boosts. Also, I really like how Joe is constantly improving on his service and doing his best to make sure you walk away a happy customer. He has proved he has staying power and my only hope is that he will still be here for a long time to come. Highly recommended.
Martin Leo
Full time IMer
Joe and his service is just excellent. I am a regular user and I am pretty impressed with their service. They have got real professional attitude. The good thing about their service is that it shows results within a short time. In blogging you need to be smart apart from doing the hard work. I am glad that UltraSEOSolutions' service help you to bride that last mile when it relates to link building. I started with a small package but have made sure to be regular with it. The results are impressive.
Ben Leonard
Website Flipping Business
Ordered a monthly package 3 weeks ago and just got my report and am very pleased. Not only did Joe give me way more links then the package but also I looked some urls and I am impressed with the quality. Seeing SERP results already and I do believe that ranking #1 is just a matter of time The service of Joe and UltraSEOSolutions got my thumbs up.
Edwin Boiten
IM Expert - EdwinBoiten.com
Just received my report, random checked and found my link on all. Very pleased with UltraSEOSolutions' work.  This was just a "test" order to see what kind of job he would do and now placing a much bigger order for my other sites.
Gary Fritts
Online Marketer